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The Wellness power yoga and naturopathy center is a comprehensive facility designed to help people achieve and maintain mental, physical, and spiritual health. We offer our clients a spectrum of providers specializing in both power yoga and naturopathy healing practices as well as a variety of weight loss, pain off and stress reducing therapies. In addition to the wellness center for healing, while overall wellness is incorporated into our many treatment plans, everyone can benefit from the services offered here to reduce stress, find balance and achieve optimal emotional and physical health.

Clients can select from our many group packages and single-service treatments or work with an experienced advisor to create a custom tailored wellness program. Each of our educated and highly trained team members exhibits a commitment to health and wellness in all aspects of their lives. We are dedicated to providing our clients with personal attention, emotional support, and a peaceful and private environment.

10 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening


  1. Weight Loss
  2. Power Yoga
  3. Acupuncture & Acupressure Reflexology
  4. Integrated Yoga-Physiotherapy Pain Off
  5. Massage-Steam Bath
  6. Breathing & Meditation
  7. Nutritional & Diet Consultation
  8. Fitness Assessment
  9. Wellness Coaching


  1. Yoga Therapy
  2. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction(MBSR)
  3. Natural Vision (Eye Sightedness)
  4. Wellness Workshops and Weekend
  5. Retreats

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Shanti Nagar,
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Phone : 040-64100569
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